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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions relating to the games and promotions

This page contains information explaining your rights in accessing and using The Company website. The Terms and Conditions relating to the games and promotions available on the Site are posted from time to time, which are incorporated herein by reference.

These General Terms define the rules and procedures for opening and maintaining player accounts, depositing and withdrawing funds, placing bets, paying out winnings and resolving disputes. By clicking “accept” or otherwise registering, accessing and using the Website, the Customer acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these General Terms along with the Privacy Policy, Betting Rules, Rules on Sports, and all other policies and procedures placed on the Website.

Definitions Used in These General Terms :

Bet - is a risk-driven agreement for potential winnings entered into between the customer and the bookmaker under the established Rules, where the fulfillment of such agreement is conditioned by an event whose outcome is yet to be determined. Bets are accepted on the conditions offered by the bookmaker.
Outcome - is the result of the event (events) on which the bet was placed.
Customer or Player - is an individual placing a bet with the bookmaker on an outcome.
Bet Cancellation - is an outcome on which the bet is not settled and winnings are not paid. As per the Rules, in the event of “bet cancellation”, an arrangement between the bookmaker and the customer shall be deemed unconcluded and the stake shall be refunded.
Regular Time - is the duration of the match subject to the regulations of the relevant sport, including time added by the referee. Regular time does not include extra time, overtime(s), penalty shootouts, etc.

“Company” or “MB5” or “bookmaker MB5” shall mean MB5 Casino. 

“Website” is

In case there are other language versions of the Terms & Conditions available, the English version will always prevail.

Changes to the General Terms :

Due to changes in legislative and regulatory frameworks and as dictated by operating conditions, and when the need arises, the Company may from time to time be required to amend its General Terms. Earlier bets shall remain unchanged.
Where possible, the Company will notify players of any significant changes; however, please visit the Terms and Conditions page regularly to check and familiarize yourself with any changes.

Last updated: 12.12.2022

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